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We want you to have the most up to date, impressive and fast like the wind website, like the one you’re surfing right now

If you want the same things, we can’t find a reason why we shouldn’t collaborate and work some magic together.

Let your brand speak its words via a new, cool website that will help it take off and be 100% compatible with the search engines.

Free Evaluation

One of our most beloved activities is fixing stuff whatever was not properly built. We love restoration, so, if you think that your website or e-shop is facing some problems, we will gladly find out more problems you probably weren’t even aware of and fix these, too! How will we do that? Evaluation is the way! If it’s any consolation, this service is actually free of charge, so no worries.


The power of Google Search is indisputable. Be sure to type in your full name, if you have any doubts about it. However, we are not using this line again, as we did before with Google Ads, because our copywriter’s on strike but because both services set the same goal. For us, improving your Google rankings is a way of expressing our love and commitment. Wanna know how it’s done? Keywords are the way to go! For instance, SEO Θεσσαλονίκη, google seo, seo Thessaloniki (don’t mind us doing our thing, our SEO expert made us use these keywords).